• Do you crave intimate connection with your partner and you just don’t know how to make it happen?
  • Have you shut down to your relationship and focused your energies on work or sport?
  • Do you feel a deep longing as the distance between you increases?
  • Or perhaps you feel hesitant to re-enter a relationship because it all seems too hard?

As a man, you may feel you have a huge capacity to love but not know how to express it, or why she isn’t ‘getting it’.

It is sexual attraction that brings men and women together, and it is mostly through sex that they experience problems, alienation and separation. It is not uncommon for women in long-term relationships to close down sexually to men. And many men feel inadequate in meeting the expectations of women. Both men and women are choosing to be single rather than deal with the sexual and emotional issues of relationship.

In time, there emerges sadness within most men as they realize that they have a longing for deep, loving and meaningful connection with a woman that either cannot be established or cannot be sustained.

Questioning our conditioning around relationships and sexuality and learning how to deal with emotions are a good place to start on this journey. This paves the way for a man and his partner to learn to make love in a way that allows them to experience deep connection, leaving them feeling fulfilled, revitalized and in a state of peace within themselves and with each other.

As a man, you can take the initiative to create a meaningful and loving relationship

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